To trust is a risk, but not to trust is an even greater risk that can lead to disaster.

RSE Logistics is based in Caledon, Western Cape, and has been in operation since 2011. As a leading and innovative logistics company in South Africa, we strongly believe in helping others to help themselves. In short, we want to see our clients succeed long into the future.

We understand that success takes time and patience, hence the reason we are committed to building long-term trusted relationships with our clients, knowing that with the confidence that trust brings, progress and success will follow.

We know logistics and what it takes to get your business on the move. Our passion and dedication to progress ensures that we treat the growth of your company like our own.

With our expertise and experience, we have logistic solutions for small, medium and large enterprises, which include flatdecks, tautliners, dropsides, side tippers, superlinks and tri-axles. We offer short and long distance transport, as well as the hiring of trailers. We also offer assistance in instances of small breakdowns, as well as diesel and tyre related issues. We operate within all provinces across South Africa with the exception of cross border loads.

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We value our clients above all else and believe that they are one of our biggest assets. Therefore, they are, and will continue to be, treated as the cornerstone of our progress. We believe that progress is infectious, and are therefore committed to moving forward with our clients by giving them excellent service, best practice and integrity throughout our work, personal and professional service. We also strive to fully understand each client’s personal needs, so to provide them with customised solutions and above-standard service. We believe that progress is infectious and are therefore committed to moving forward with our clients by delivering personal and professional service through best practice and integrity.

One of our core values is patience – we are long-term oriented and look at the bigger picture. This means we aim to understand not only our clients’ immediate needs, but also their long-term goal. By doing this we can effectively assist clients in growing their business and their wealth. We also strive to be responsible towards the environment and the general community. With this commitment in mind, we deliberately employ locals and provide them with the necessary training, as well as assist with various community charities.

  • We stand for commitment to service, integrity throughout our work and fair pricings.
  • We believe in being responsible towards the environment, clients, suppliers and employees.
  • We always treat our staff with respect.
  • We provide all employees with equal opportunities within their field and maintain an open and honest work relationship with them.
  • We handle our logistics with diligence, accountability, responsibility and reliability.
  • We give back to the community through our involvement with local churches and schools.
  • Laerskool Jongensklip is 'n plaasskool in die Caledon-Riviersonderend omgewing. Die ouers van die leerders is plaaswerkers en persone wat by die naaste landbou ko-operasie werk.

    Die skool se leerdertal is 114: 94% bruin en 6% swart. Die meerderheid van die leerders maak gebruik van busvervoer wat deur die WKOD beskikbaar gestel word. 'n Minderheid leerders loop skool toe aangesien hul nader as 5 km vanaf die skool woon.

    Die skool is'n geenskoolgeldskool wat baie afhanklik is vir skenkings van buite instansies.

    Dus is Laerskool Jongensklip baie dank verskuldig aan persone/besighede soos RSE Logistics vir finansiële bydraes, wat die skool in staat stel om opvoeders of ander personeel met beter salarisse te kan besoldig, wat leerders onderrig, wat uit voorheen benadeelde omstandighede kom.
    Sarine Pienaar, Laerskool Jongensklip
  • Graag wil ek namens die vrywilligers van Caledon vir u en RSE Logistics, hartlik bedank vir die donasie van R 8000 vir die aankoop van ‘n suurstofmasjien vir kankerpasiënte. Uit ondervinding het ons ervaar dat veral longkankerpasiënte, wie afhanklik is van die staat vir mediese versorging, met groot moeite toegelaat word vir suurstofbehandeling. Die staat voorsien nie suurstoftenks vir tuisversorging nie, wat opname noodsaak, maar die beperkte beskikbaarheid van ambulansvervoer maak dit vir hul moeilik om die hospitaal te bereik. Indien ‘n persoon terminaal is, word suurstof vir ‘n groot gedeelte van die dag benodig en is dit net nie prakties moontlik om heen en weer hospitaal toe, vervoer te word nie.

    U ruim bydrae maak dit moontlik dat pasiënte nou in hul bekende omgewing deur hul gesinslede versorg kan word en sonder angs oor suurstofnood gemaklik gehou kan word.

    Ons is opreg dankbaar en vertrou dat u bydrae vir nog vele pasiënte van Caledon tot groot seën sal wees.
    Elnette du Toit, CANSA
  • RSE Logistics is a company that carriers our best interest at heart. They are hands on, reliable, honest and with a great level of service. We would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a transport broker with a difference.
    Pernill Hoorn, Neopak Recycling
  • During the time that we have been working with RSE Logistics, we found a company that want to ensure our business's core principles are met on all levels. Their honesty, service level, commitment and dedication are some of the key values that we admire, and the reason we prefer them as our Transport Company.
    Marinda van der Merwe, UME (United Minerals and Energy SA (Pty) Ltd)
  • We are exceptionally pleased with the level of service that we enjoy from RSE Logistics. With an exceptional, professional hands on approach towards their customers it is always a pleasure moving product through RSE Logistics. For the past 2 years, they are our transport broker of choice.
    Lluvia Sugar
  • RSE Logistics comes highly recommended with their vast expertise and professional manner. You can rest assured knowing that your cargo solution with be handled, loved, and cherished.
    Jeremy Capouya, Global head of Soft Commodities Traxys Africa Trading.
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